3342. “Slave To The Rhythm” by Grace Jones

Official Video:

Jones’ 1985 album, Slave To The Rhythm was produced by Trevor Horn (ABC, Belle and Sebastian, Frankie Goes To Hollywood). The album has his quintessential signature sound all over it.

That said, the problem with the album version of the song “Slave To The Rhythm” is that its not the single version of the song. The single version is, in fact, derived from an album track called “Ladies And Gentlemen: Miss Grace Jones.” Its a typical mid-80’s Trevor Horn move. If you’ll recall, there were like seven versions of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax” kicking around.

I have the wrong version of this song in my iTunes library. I have the album track “Slave to the Rhythm” because nobody ever explained to me that the version I was playing in 1985 WASN’T ACTUALLY CALLED THAT ON THE ALBUM. I’ve been wondering why the version I own sounds so ponderous.

Anyhow, the single is a thing of beauty.

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