3511. “One Man Wrecking Machine” by Guster

Official video:

“One Man Wrecking Machine” from Guster’s 2006 album, Ganging Up On The Sun is almost certain the song that brought this band to my attention. I loved the quirky little video when I first saw it and made a point to write down the band’s name and the song’s title.

The lyrics of the song have to do with traveling back in time to “relive all [the singer’s] adolescent dreams.” I have always found this to be a fascinating concept and, even before this song, wrote a short story or two about that idea. On the one hand, if you had a chance to relive some of the key moments of your life, you’d have a chance to do them “right.” On the other hand, there’s the endless boredom of having to do many things a second time through (college degrees?) and, worse, there’s the fact that some of those “wrong” things led us to being who we are.

This cartoon, written with my friend Zia Narratora, is probably my favorite piece on this subject.

This is a fine song – one of the best of the last decade. The video is fantastic, too. Take a little time to listen to it. Seriously.

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