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Shockingly, we’re just into the sixth year of this project.

My first entry of 2012 was #3091, “We Love You, Carol and Alison” by Game Theory.

My last entry of 2012 was #3525, “Maneater” by Hall & Oates.

That means I covered 435 songs over the course of 2012. Six more than last year, but hardly enough to make a serious dent in the song library, which now includes over 10,000 songs.

I’m going to set a goal for myself to try and get through 1,000 songs in 2013. Ideally, that would get me up to the letter “L” by 2014. I will dedicate myself to this goal, even though it means being much, much more diligent about writing every day. Were I to write about five songs a day every single day in 2013, I would write about 1,825 tunes. 1,000 means I’d have to write about five songs a day for at least 200 days next year. That is, I think, a do-able goal.

Happy New Year and thank you everyone – especially my long-term co-writer Memo – for reading in 2012!


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  1. I was like, totally epic suck at writing this year. I did so much writing for school that I was spent, amongst lots of other things that I let take over… nonetheless, I was just pining to the better-half ™ about missing it and I just know how to start… I think.

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