3527. “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'” by Hanson

Genuinely awesome official video:

Yes, that video is a tribute to The Blues Brothers:

Part of getting older, I think, is recognizing that songs aren’t good or bad because of who made the song, but because the song itself is good or bad. Its easy to forget that when you encounter a genuine pop phenomenon like Hanson. In 1997, they were hyped like crazy and seemed like they were going to be something of either long lasting pop superstars or a flash in the pan. Turns out, they are serious musicians with a conscience and a serious work ethic. Since their heyday, they’ve continued to follow their own path, which frequently takes them into a classic R&B or soul sound.

I ran into this track on Metafilter and was immediately taken by both the video (which features Weird Al) and the song. Its a breezy, positive break-up number with some great soulful singing from Taylor Hanson as well as some terrific organ work from the young man. It put me in a mind to listen for more tracks by them in the future. They’ve matured into some good musicians with excellent taste in influences.

Its worth noting that Shout It Out, the album that this track is from, was released as an independent album, another plus in the Hanson brothers’ column, in my opinion.


3527. “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'” by Hanson — 3 Comments

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