M-781. “Heartbeat” by Jake Shimabukuro

Happy New Year Day 2!

This one of two tracks that I have to offer due to the size of my old MP3 player that is in dire need to be upgraded and replaced. I say this only because I have this entire album, Shimabukuru’s 2003 Crosscurrent on CD which I purchased at a live show. More on the latter, later.

In an interview, Shimabukuro explained that as a young lad, he used to try to replicate the vocal melodies on ukulele that he heard on the radio. This is very evident when you hear him play one of his cover versions of a popular song. This helped him to develop his unique technique and approach to the ukulele.

Speaking of live shows earlier, here is Shimabukuro performing the song in its entirety at Ka’u High School. One thing you’ll notice, he often explains his inspiration for a certain song during his concerts, even before VH1’s Storytellers became a fad.


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