3531. “Baby Judy” by The Hawaiian Pups

Fan video:

A near as I can tell, The Hawaiian Pups have an internet footprint that dwarf’s their actual musical output. Essentially a trio of producers and engineers, The Hawaiian Pups had two songs of note: “Spook Opera,” which is apparently a Dr. Demento favorite…

… and “Baby Judy.”

Looked at as a novelty tune, which it undoubtedly is, “Baby Judy” is worth a listen. That it became a legitimate college radio hit in 1983 would be mystifying if not for that fact. It seems as tossed together as a song can be – and using the word “song” might even be an overstatement. The thing that makes it memorable – at least to me – is the narrator’s humorous conflation of Indian, Pakistan and the Middle East.

Anyhow, if you’ve never heard it before, it is probably worth exactly one listen for the amused chuckle it may produce at the end of the song. I downloaded it more for the sake of completion than out of a genuine need to hear it regularly.


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