3532. “KMAG YOYO” by Hayes Carll

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I am pretty sure I first ran into Hayes Carll when this remarkable song made Rolling Stone magazine’s “top 50 tracks of 2011” list. Country is an underrepresented genre in my library (there’s just too great music not to miss whole genres of it sometimes) and I am always thrilled when I am exposed to an artist of Carll’s talent and can add some of his music (well, in this case, one track) to my library.

KMAG YOYO is a military acronym for “Kiss My Ass Guys – You’re On Your Own.” The song is about a young soldier in Afghanistan who goes on sort of an amazing adventure that isn’t quite what it seems. I won’t spoil it for you.

Carll’s guitar playing blows the roof off the joint, but what really makes me love this song is his great almost-without-a-breath delivery. The song is a fast paced patter song in the tradition of Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”. It makes me want to put together a playlist of other rock and folk songs sung in this fast-patter style.

On a side note, I feel for the young men and women of our armed forces (and the old ones, too) who are still stuck in Afghanistan, a war that only barely made any sense to begin with and makes less and less sense all the time. Is war even the word to use anymore? Occupation? Police action? I don’t know, but these soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors all have families. Good for them for being willing to defend our nation, but it sometimes feels like the ones in Afghanistan have been forgotten and won’t ever be coming back. Here’s hoping things wrap up there soon so they can all come home.


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