3534. “Damage I’ve Done (with Johnette Napolitano)” by The Heads

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The Heads were what formed after David Byrne left Talking Heads. Featuring bass player Tina Weyouth, Drummer Chris Frantz and multi-intrumentalist Jerry Harrison, they released a single album, 1996’s No Talking Just Head, with a different well known singer fronting the band on each track.

The results are pretty mixed. While the album has it fans, I found it largely forgettable. This was huge disappointment as I was a big fan of the Talking Heads. I’ve not found David Byrne‘s post-Talking Heads work especially gripping either, so lose/lose.

My main beef with the album is that the band often sounds more like a generic 90’s alternative rock band than a band that developed its own unique style. The Heads sound sort of like a mere backing band for a bunch of solo artists, which is just too bad.

The stand out track, I think, is the single “Damage I’ve Done,” as sung by Concrete Blonde leader Johnette Napolitano. I also think Tina Weymouth’s bass playing here is great. Overall, though, the song is decent but falls short of Napolitano’s best work, much less the work of Talking Heads.


3534. “Damage I’ve Done (with Johnette Napolitano)” by The Heads — 4 Comments

  1. This song sounds like the bastard love child of the Talking Heads and Concrete Blonde, not surprising.

    That big fat Bass Line and the over the top vocals on the chorus keep this song from boring to sleep. I prolly would listen to it again just for those two elements…

    • I just can’t hear it without hearing Concrete Blonde first and Talking Heads second. Not just because of her voice, but because of the lyrics and really the vibe. Yes, there is a little Talking Heads in there, but its like they decided to be a studio band for whichever artist they were working for that day.

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