M-782. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by Jake Shimabukuro

Way back in the Summer of 2005, there was a video being massively forwarded on the interwebs that eventually led to a firestorm of fans on YouTube launching Jake Shimabukuro into the lime light. Shimabukuro’s cover of this classic George Harrison penned Beatles song is an outright demonstration of his skill as a ukulele player and as a musician as a whole. It is the video that I referred to way back in 2008.

One of musician friends found out that Shimabukuro was playing at the Daytona State College Auditorium a few weeks later (July 2005) as part of the Florida International Festival (the now defunct Daytona Beach International Festival. It was here that I picked-up this and the previous CDs. His performance live is every bit as good as you see in any of the videos and then some!

Not longer after the sensation broke loose, there were several videos posted by Shimabukuro on how he got started playing the uke and the techniques he developed to play it in his own style. The most notable is the triple strum that he uses to play a massive triplet assault in this cover.

Here’s that video from 7 years ago.

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