3536. “Papersnow (with Andy Partridge)” by The Heads

It took some poking around, but you can hear it at MySpace Music.

When we last visited Andy Partridge of XTC, he and the band were performing under the psuedonym The Dukes of Stratosphear. Here, he joins the non-David Byrne members of the former Talking Heads in creating a track that was likely meant to sound like “XTC meets The Talking Heads” but ends up sounding like a decent late-period XTC track.

Really, in some ways, Andy Partridge would have made the most sense to front the remaining Heads in 1996. He was in the middle of a prolonged dispute with his record label over XTC material, his poetic sensibilities compliment the group nicely, and he has a very clear artistic vision. The trouble is that Partridge has terribly stage fright and, as a result, doesn’t tour. It made more sense for them to tour with Johnette Napolitano, who is a masterful vocalist in her own right but not necessarily the logical choice for replacing David Byrne.

Anyhow, partially due to mixed reception and partially due to obstruction by Byrne (and probably due to a dozen other factors that we will never know), The Heads lasted all of one album. I imagine if they’d continued as a group, they’d have found a new groove without Byrne. They’re all amazing musicians with excellent track records in songwriting and performing in their own right.


3536. “Papersnow (with Andy Partridge)” by The Heads — 4 Comments

  1. ^The embed sort of works above^

    Even he sounds nothing like Sting, I can so hear the vocals being performed in a song by The Police. It’s good, sort of, but it fails to grab me. If it were to come on the radio, I may or may not change the channel, depending on my mood.

    Since you mention XTC, I bought their 1980 album Black Sea after heard “Generals and Majors” for the first time. This was during my New Wave era.

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