3540. “How Can I Refuse” by Heart

Official video:

“How Can I Refuse” got a ton of airplay on rock radio in 1983 (it his #1 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock list) but not enough pop play to get it into the Billboard Top 40. A shame, because its one of their best songs. It came at the end of their first period, right before they became massive pop rock superstars.

I liked this song enough to write a parody of it when it came out titled “Fill Me Up With Booze,” an idea that I found hilarious when I was 15. I wrote a ton of song parodies back then, which is probably why I didn’t lose my virginity until college.


3540. “How Can I Refuse” by Heart — 3 Comments

  1. This was the last of their Rock era as the headed more into Pop.

    But they are coming back with a vengeance. 2012’s fanatic rocked so hard that landed an appearance on “That Metal Show.”

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