3542. “Hands Up To Heaven” by Heaven 17

You can hear a bit of the song at Last.fm or see a fan video of a remix:

The synth-pop group Heaven 17 emerged from The Human League shortly before the latter band became huge. They didn’t really have any big hits in the United States, but they got a ton of airplay on college radio. To the point, I played a bunch of Heaven 17 in college and am a pretty big fan of the group’s 80’s output. They released several excellent songs in the 90’s and 00’s, but I only have two singles from that period in my library.

There’s a nice little bit about the band’s history (and their relationship with The Human League) here if you care to learn more.

We start, as we so often do, much later in the band’s career – their 2005 album Before After. As I said, I’d been a fan of the band and when I first got iTunes, I looked up some of their songs and was thrilled to find they were still active. I only downloaded two tracks from this album, but both are excellent modern dance pop tracks.

“Hands Up To Heaven” might not be dubstep or techno, but its still a great dance tune for this decade and worth a few minutes of your time. Recently, its been one of my favorite tunes.


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