3577. “A Little More for Little You” by The Hives

Fan video:

The Hives had been recording garage rock since the mid-90’s when the early 00’s garage rock revival happened. They kept right on recording garage rock after the fad ended. Basically, they weren’t band-wagon jumpers.

I mention this because several songs on Tyrannosaurus Hives remind me of some of the other bands that were part of that revival. “A Little More For Little You” sounds a bit like a Strokes tune, for example. It also sounds a bit like a Monkees song to me – possibly because of the lyrical similarity to “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You:”

This song also sounds a bit to me like the early 80’s new wave garage acts, but in a good way.

The Hives said that this particular album was influenced by Kraftwerk. As Heather Phares at AllMusic points out this comes across less in the instrumentation and more in the tight song structure.

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