3578. “B Is For Brutus” by The Hives

Great fan photo video:

“B Is For Brutus” sounds a little bit like Franz Ferdinand to me. This being a Hives track, its considerably more aggressive than FF, but it does a share a certain similarity in guitar tone and rhythm.

There’s a bunch of speculation a SongMeanings (up above) about the exact meaning of the song. Most center around the idea that the character addressed in the song can only get so far on his own ability and is going to need to back stab somebody to get ahead. I can’t help but think that the band had somebody specific in mind when they wrote the song – they’re really, really good at put down songs and my gut tells me they are aimed at actual people. I could be wrong, but its hard to work up a whole lot of vitriol at the idea of a person. Of course, perhaps its intended to be generic enough that we can plug the identities of people who betrayed us into the role of the titular character.

Anyhow, the song rocks.

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