3587. “Find Another Girl” by The Hives

Fan video:

This is arguably the only cover of a Jerry Butler song present in my library:

Shame on me for not having more Jerry Butler! Or more of The Impressions! Or more 50’s doo-wop and rock!

The Hives sound like they’re deliberately playing this one up for the schmaltz factor here. I suspect they have great respect for classic 50’s and 60’s rock (I mean, listen to them) and maybe they’re trying to play it straight, but this one sounds a little bit on the ironic side. Maybe I’m reading that unfairly into the performance or there is a cultural thing I’m not aware of.

Anyhow, I skip over this one more often than I listen to it. I think if I had the Jerry Butler version in my library, I’d probably listen to it all the time. Hmmm.

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