3598. “Party Pit” by The Hold Steady

Live in Wisconsin – they’re a pretty amazing live band:

“Party Pit” is largely about how a person can become “pinned down” in a situation. In the case of the two characters in this song, the lead singer escapes his hometown (Minneapolis, not a bad place to be from frankly) while his female counterpart gets stuck in the eponymous club scene:

I came back to start a band, of course.
saw her walking thru the crystal court.
she made a scene by the revolving doors
she’s gonna walk around and drink some more.

so we walked across that grain belt bridge.
into bright new minneapolis
she said i think that all those things I did
were just momentum from the Party Pit.

The end of the song captures her feeling of being stuck. Instead of getting out and getting on with life, she’s just going to “walk around and drink some more.”

Despite its bleak story, the song “Party Pit” is actually quite upbeat, even catchy. According to songwriter Craig Finn, this was an attempt to rewrite the song “Chesterfield King” by Jawbreaker into a Hold Steady tune.

I am tempted to download some Jawbreaker now. Hmmm.


3598. “Party Pit” by The Hold Steady — 2 Comments

  1. The more I listen, the more I hear Finn’s vocal influences. On this track, his vocal delivery reminds me of Phil Lynott’s vocal performance on “Boys Are Back in Town.”

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