3602. “Chill Out Tent” by The Hold Steady

Genuinely Great Fan video:

Well, I really enjoy “Chill Out Tent.” Its another song about drugs and love. It is (in the words of the narrator) about a kind of creepy sexual encounter between two concert goers recovering from overdoses in the titular tent, but both of the characters seem to have a good time despite the fact that they never see each other again.

Finn sings the story and he’s joined on the choruses by Elizabeth Elmore of The Reputation as the girl and Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum as the boy.

I especially appreciate the fact that the girl attends Bowdoin College, which was one of the sister schools of my alma mater, Bates. Indeed, that fact makes this song sound like the sort of story we used to tell about Bowdoin – not because the story was strictly about Bowdoin or because it couldn’t be said about our school as well or because it was even necessarily true, but because they were our football rival and it was fun to tell stories about them.


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