3603. “South Town Girls” by The Hold Steady

Fan video:

Officially the last song on the album, the verses and choruses of “South Town Girls” form an interesting contrast. The verses are the voice of a drug dealer giving road direction through Bloomington, MN to a buyer. The choruses are a gorgeously sung “South Town Girls won’t blow you away/But you know that they’ll stay.”

It seems like this is a song for settling. The South Town girls aren’t anything special, but they’re loyal. You can keep it casual with the drugs and be in a decent enough relationship. It lacks the passion of, for example, having a relationship with Holly in “First Night,” but that’s probably just as well because you and Holly are just going to hurt each other anyways. Following the partially drug induced one night stand in “Chill Out Tent,” this track almost suggests a kind of domestic life between a drugged out boy and girl. Going to get drugs is like going to the Mall of America – just another shopping excursion for a long term couple.

Also, after a few listens, you’ll want to sing along with this one.

Now, when I downloaded Boys and Girls in America, I didn’t know that there were two bonus tracks and I haven’t been paying a ton of attention to the track listings as I’ve been writing about this record, so I only realized it was the final track tonight. There are two bonus tracks that I’ve always assumed were a regular part of the record. They certainly sound like it, though I confess this is a much better closing track.

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