3604. “Girls Like Status” by The Hold Steady

Hold Steady/Aqua Teen Hunger Force fan video:

I received “Girls Like Status” as a bonus track when I downloaded Boys and Girls in America, but it was originally a track on the soundtrack for the bizarre and fantastic film, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters.

The song itself is a real gem of a number about (as you’d expect) love and drugs. My favorite couplet:

She said that she was coming but she wasn’t, just make hard fast noises
It kind of sounded like a locust.

But enough about the song. I am tickled pink to have an opportunity to express my deep love for Aqua Teen Hunger Force and want to share some of my favorite moments from that show. First, my favorite song from that show:

And here’s a brief clip from one of my favorite episodes – Master Shake is dead and Frylock is looking for somebody to resurrect him:

And here’s one featuring Danzig:

I love this show. Its bizarre.

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