3609. “Navy Sheets” by The Hold Steady


Franz Nicolay provides another great keyboard part to “Navy Sheets,” this time in the form of a sound that sounds like something Greg Hawkes of The Cars might produce.

According to AllMusic, “”Navy Sheets” references four tracks on Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy: “Dy’er Maker,” “The Ocean,””The Crunge,” and the song itself from Physical Graffiti.” I’m afraid I’m not familiar enough with “Houses of the Holy” to confirm this, though I know “Dy’er Maker” becomes important on one of the latter tracks on the album. In fact, I am relatively sure that AllMusic is mistaken and is, in fact, mistaking this song for “Joke About Jamaica.”

This song introduces a second murder victim, different from the one in “One For The Cutters.”

Another strong song.


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