3637. “Sun Gone Down” by House of Freaks

Official video:

House of Freaks is a band that I must have played at some point in 1989. I don’t know if this was at WRBC or at KTUH because I’m not 100% sure of when their album Tantilla was released.

I’m certain the reason I added it to my iTunes library is because its on a mix tape from that era. Hey! I know! Let’s go through the mix tapes! Be right back!

While I’m searching, read this upsetting article about the 2006 murder of House of Freaks lead singer Bryan Harvey by the 2006 Richmond Spree murderers. There is a memorial endowment in his and his family’s names to support music and art in Richmond.

Nope, no luck with that search.


House of Freaks predated all of the 00’s bands that had guitar and drums but no bass. I don’t know that I’d be able to say they influenced them, since this is the only song I know by the band, but they certainly were working with this minimalistic combination a decade or so before the White Stripes made a name for themselves with it.

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