3642. “Five Get Over Excited” by The Housemartins

Official video:

At-the-time new Housemartin drummer Dave Hemingway kidnaps former drummer High Whitaker at the start of the video. Hilarious. Even after the band member left the band and the band eventually split up, they all remained friends. No mean feet.

I used to play “Five Get Over Excited” a bunch back in 1988 on WRBC. I never quite understood what the song was about – it always sounded like they were singing adds from the “romance wanted” section of the newspaper. I didn’t understand what they were singing in the backing vocals until I read the lyrics and discovered they’re pretty grim (people getting killed in a car crash, getting poisoned after dinner, etc). It also seems to have a sort of anti-Thatcher message, but I’d be hard pressed to name an English song in the 80’s that didn’t have some sort of anti-Thatcher message.

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