3708. “Evangeline” by Icicle Works

Official video:

Setting aside a rather lame lyric, “Evangeline” is another great piece of 80’s pop. From the playful keyboard work that opens the track through the soaring chorus, its everything you could want in a great pop song… except for that lyric.

The song is about picking up a hitchhiker while driving around in the (presumably American, since there aren’t many bayou in the UK) south. She tells him how she got her name (something about her parents loving the land) and he drops her off, reflects on the wonderful story of how she got her name and hopes that we’ll treat her well should we ever give her a ride. Maybe he cut out a verse somewhere and it is always possible that I’ve just completely missed the point, but I can rarely get through the whole song if I listen to the words. They annoy me so much.

Musically, its great.

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