3709. “Understanding Jane” by Icicle Works

Official video:

“Understanding Jane” is one of my favorite songs of all time. Singer/song writer/guitarist Ian McNabb is at his best here – his vocal performance is great, the lyric is excellent, and the song itself just rocks. The chorus could have been an arena rock sing-a-long in another time and the solo/bridge is one of the best in my library. Yes, its simple, but its extremely effective.

Rock is often at its best when its simple, fast and stripped down. Icicle Works plays this song fast, even if the vocal is controlled. It has the effect of conveying the singer’s anxiety even as he tries to keep it together.

I want to smash my imaginary guitar through an imaginary amp at the end of this song. I sometimes imagine what it would sound like played by a band like The Fratellis or The Hives. I think you could take the rock up to 11, as it were, and this song would still kick.

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