3759. “Space Girl” by The Imagined Village

You Get Three Videos For This Song. Here’s the charming official video:

And here is a mash-up of different space girls from different shows made by a fan:

And best of all, here they are performing it live, featuring the alarmingly attractive Eliza Carthy:

The Imagined Village is a group of folk musicians who aim to make music that reflects the multi-cultural nature of the modern United Kingdom. Membership in the band is a bit of a revolving door affair and its included many well known English musicians, notably (for our purposes) Billy Bragg and Paul Weller of The Jam and The Style Council.

“Space Girl” features Eliza Carthy on vocals and violin. The way she sings and plays will make you a believer in her at the very least. Her performance in the live video above is one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen based entirely on her musicianship, talent and charisma. She commits completely to the song and sings what could be a very silly little tune with total joy. Its one of my pick-me-up videos when I’m down.

“Space Girl” is from their 2010 album Empire & Love. Blogger Dawn Ippolito writes that she, like me, first heard the song because of the mash-up video shared above. It turns out the song was originally by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger:

I feel like The Imagined Village version improves significantly on the 1952 original.

I’ve not actually listened to anything else by The Imagined Village or Eliza Carthy and cannot, for the life of me, figure out why that is.

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