3889. “The Boys Are Leaving Town” by Japandroids

Album cover video:

Apparently, Japandroids were on the verge of breaking up because they thought the band was going nowhere. In 2009, they decided they’d released their debut album Post-Nothing anyways. Pitchfork loved it, which led to the album becoming one of the most successful alternative rock albums of 2009.

“The Boys Are Leaving Town” opens the record. The song title is sung in a way that’s deliberately reminiscent of the chorus of Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back in Town:”

I haven’t spent enough time with most of Japandroid’s songs to really dissect them with even the typical butcher-like precision you’d normally find on this blog. I do know that I like what I hear!


3889. “The Boys Are Leaving Town” by Japandroids — 1 Comment

  1. The guitars and drum are heavy and forceful matching well to the atypical College/Independent Alternative vocal performances. It sounds like they harmonize through-out the performance which is impressives.

    Spot-on with the Thin Lizzie influence.

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