3919. “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane

Let’s Enjoy A Recent Performance Of Jefferson Starship on PBS:

Grace Slick retired a number of years ago (presumably to roll around in “We Built This City” blood money and not give any fucks) so Cathy Richardson took the vocal duties for that track and really does a rather nice job.

Memo, once again, did a much better job writing about “White Rabbit” then I can hope to do, so I direct you to that entry for a more coherent entry.

To be clear, I have no issue with bands making a living doing nostalgia concerts. I think its a noble thing and makes many people very happy.

I am going to really try not to poke too much more fun at Slick, Kanter and Balin because I really do enjoy a lot of their music. So, in Slick’s defense, here’s an interview with her from last year that demonstrates that she really is a pretty cool rocker:

I wish her nothing but the best despite that great mental anguish “We Built This City” has inflicted on me over the years. Excuse me now, I’m going to look for the pill that knocks the phrase “knee deep in the hoopla” out of my head forever now.

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