3928. “Man With a Gun” by Jerry Harrison

Official Video:

The Talking Heads released their final album under that name in 1988. They officially broke up in 1991 when David Byrne split the group but the other three members – including keyboardist and guitarist Jerry Harrison soldiered on for one more album as The Heads. Somewhere around when the Talking Heads were recording their final album, Jerry Harrison released his 1987 solo record, Casual Gods.

Harrison, it should be noted, was also an original member of The Modern Lovers, which makes him one of the most important figures in the punk/art rock scene of the 70’s and 80’s.

We played “Man With A Gun” a bunch on WRBC. It was one of those songs that everybody liked and I was sort of surprised and dismayed to find that it wasn’t equally well known everywhere (though among alternative rock fans of a certain age its still a very well known song). Its a quirky, moody song with some standout blase backing vocals and a soundscape worth of Brian Eno. Good stuff.

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