3933. “You Trip Me Up” by The Jesus & Mary Chain

Official video:

I’m pretty sure “You Trip Me Up” was the second song I played regularly on WRBC from The Jesus & Mary Chain. It was also the second single from Psychocandy. In the context of this song, “trip me up” suggests that the girl he’s singing about has such a profound effect on him that he gets tripped up. The song ends with him wishing that he could trip her up, which has both a nice romantic feel and possibly makes a drug reference. I mean, the album is called Pysychocandy. Virtually anything on it could be a drug reference.

“You Trip Me Up” is an especially pretty song so it only makes sense that they’ve hidden it behind one of the loudest walls of noise on the album. The feedback is the layer of cool – I mean, they’re far too cool to be singing Beach Boys songs, so obviously they have to sing them from behind some sort of damaging sonic barrier.

When I first played The Jesus & Mary Chain on WRBC, I got a secret thrill thinking that somebody might call into complain or that I’d get in trouble somehow for playing something that sounded so grating. I never did get busted, but I still get a little bit of a cheap thrill whenever I hear these early Jesus & Mary Chain songs.

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