3935. “Some Candy Talking” by The Jesus & Mary Chain

Official video:

Ahhhhhhhhhhh now that is music.

“Some Candy Talking” was a single from an EP released in 1984. I remember being confused when, getting ready to DJ my show on WRBC one day, I found this extended play for “Some Candy Talking” featuring a song called “Psycho Candy” (the title of their debut album) and also including “Taste of Cindy,” a song from their debut album. At the time, record companies were often releasing cassette versions of albums with bonus tracks, so I thought “Some Candy Talking” might be a bonus cassette track from Psychocandy. NOPE.

“Some Candy Talking” is, in fact, another one of The Jesus & Mary Chain’s great songs and, arguably, one of the greatest singles of the 80’s. The Reid Brothers generally project an air of cool detachment, but on this song (especially towards the end) singer Jim Reid gets genuinely worked up by the end. When he’s singing “I want your candy” at the end, it feels like he actually needs your candy. Give it to him, for the love of God.

This song is also the last single by the band to really embrace the random feedback aesthetic. After this, the buzz was incorporated more closely into the melodies. It made, in many ways, for better songs, but a little bit of the danger was gone. Who cares? Fuck danger.

But the danger was awesome.

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