1. 超复杂网络模型与大数据分析

  2. 超复杂网络动力学及其应用

  3. 超复杂网络动力学与机器学习前沿交叉研究

  4. AI+智慧城市关键技术与示范


实验室负责韩定定博士毕业于华东师范大学电子工程系无线电物理专业,现为CMD体育特聘教授,长期与中国科学院院士马余刚团队、何积丰团队合作。先后于200209月至200308月在美国Texas A&M University201802月至201902月美国Boston University进行访问研究。主持和参与多项国家自然科学基金/面上/国际合作项目、科技部重大课题和上海市配套项目、中国科学院战略性先导科技专项、上海市科委项目、上海市教委教改项目等,总计经费超3000万元。出版专著1部;在Scientific ReportsNature系列)、Physical Review系列、PLoS系列、APS系列、IOP系列、Elsevier系列、国际ACM IEEE会议&EI等国际国内权威期刊发表论文70余篇;学术邀请报告40余次。


  • 具有或即将获得博学位,年龄般不超过35 周岁,专业向为数据驱动建模、基础物理、应用数学与统计、信息技术、信号处理、机器学习等。

  • 身体健康,作努、认真、主动,优秀的学业和学术成绩,优秀的独立分析和解决问题的能,具有开拓和冒险精神。

  • 熟练的英听说读写能和编程能


  • 在实验室负责指导下独立开展学术研究。

  • 辅助实验室负责申请课题、管理实验室、协助指导硕、博研究




Job Title

post-doctorate - Ultra-complex Network Science and Smart Systems Lab

Research direction

  1. Ultra-complex network model and big data analysis

  2. Ultra-complex network dynamics and its applications

  3. Cross-cutting research on the frontier of ultra-complex network dynamics and machine learning

  4. Key technologies and demonstration of AI+ smart city

Lab Intro

Dr. Han Dingding, the manager of the lab, graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering of East China Normal University with a major in radio physics. She is currently a Distinguished Professor of Fudan University and has long been working with the team of Ma Yugang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

She conducted a visit study from Texas A&M University from September 2002 to August 2003, and from Boston University from February 2018 to February 2019.

She presided over and participated in a number of National Natural Science fund/Shanghai/international cooperation projects, major projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology and supporting projects in Shanghai, strategic pilot science and technology projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, projects of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, and educational reform projects of the Shanghai Education Commission, with a total expenditure of more than 30 million yuan.

She has published one monograph, more than 70 papers in international and domestic authoritative journals such as Scientific Reports (Nature Series), Physical Review Series, PLoS Series, APS Series, IOP Series, Elsevier Series, International ACM, IEEE Conference & EI, and has made more than 40 academic invitation reports.

Job description

Applicants should:

  • have or be about to receive a Ph.D., be generally no more than 35 years old, major in data-driven modeling, physics, applied mathematics and statistics, information technology, signal processing, machine learning, etc.

  • be physically fit, work hard, earnestly and actively, have excellent academic and academic performance, be able to analyze and solve problems independently, and have a pioneering and adventurous spirit.

  • be proficient in English listening, speaking, reading, writing and programming.


  • Independently conduct academic research under the guidance of the laboratory manager.

  • Assist the laboratory manager to apply for the project, manage the laboratory, assist and guide the postgraduate and doctoral students.

The above positions offer competitive salaries, special benefits provided by Fudan University, and help to apply for various talent projects. Details will be discussed in person.

The applicant should submit a written application (including resume and representative results), and send the electronic version to After the primary election, the applicant will be invited to participate in the interview organized by the laboratory.